Clay House Photography

About Us


We will decorate your getaway car and pick out your dad’s tie. We will call your late florist and tell them to get their butts to the venue. We will carry your dress everywhere and even button it when no one else has tiny enough hands. We will get rid of your crazy aunt and her obnoxious flash camera during the ceremony. We will remind your groom which way he’s supposed to turn his face for the first kiss. We will find your lost wedding band and give you our snow boots when you want to run through the winter wonderland but forgot your shoes. And we will never EVER get tired of Usher’s YEAH being the soundtrack of the night. We can promise you these things because we have done them all, multiple times. “Wedding Photographer” is a loose title we like it that way. We’re here because we care and believe that you deserve a day that makes you not only feel beautiful but celebrated!