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There is so much joy from being a part of someone’s wedding day. Not only are you capturing some of the biggest milestones for a couple and their families, but you’re preserving the intimate, one time only moments. Wedding days come with all sorts of emotion and through photography we are able to pause time and capture every part of the day. It gives us the chance to make people feel beautiful as we step alongside of them on their happiest day.

A wedding photographer plays several roles, all of equal value. There is so much more to it than capturing the perfect sunset. They need to be a calming presence that can also take charge and keep everyone on schedule. On a wedding day they wear the hat of not only a photographer but a friend, director, dress holder, organizer, crowd herder, compliment giver, parent calmer,  joke maker, and timeline manager. There is so much they are responsible for and it’s necessary to manage it all well with a smile on their face the whole time. A wedding photographer’s goal is to create an environment where a couple can enjoy their day without having to worry about anything, knowing that they will later get to relive it through photos.

As Raegan Lintner Photography has grown, we are now looking to hire associate photographers to open up availability for already booked dates!  This is something we are so excited about but don’t move towards lightly. We have put YEARS into building a business and brand that gives people a beautiful experience and leaves them walking away as a friend instead of a client.

It takes time and experience to run a successful and profitable wedding photography business.  As a full-time wedding photographer, I have had to learn how to not only be a great photographer, but a great business owner. Although we are constantly learning and growing in our art, there are many areas we have mastered.  Many photographers don’t make it full time because they don’t have the desire or tools to pour into the business side. Between marketing, accounting, expanding education, editing, networking, and managing 20+ client relationships a year, while also booking for the next calendar year, there are so many roles played by a full-time wedding photographer.

But guess what? That’s not for everyone and that’s okay! Some people love weddings and can take beautiful photos, but don’t have the time or interest in creating and sustaining their own business, and that’s who we are looking for. We want to give someone the opportunity to still live out their passion for wedding photography without having to worry about the business side of things. If this sounds like you please keep reading!

Associate Photography Job Description

We are looking for 2-3 experienced associate photographers.  Specifically, we are looking for Lead Photographers, who may also act as second photographers to Raegan.  Ideally, these photographers have photographed at least 10 weddings, preferably as a lead photographer. No matter your experience or knowledge there will be extensive training and shadowing to ensure that our brand and the experience we want all clients to have is represented properly and efficiently. We will build off of your current photography knowledge and train you in our style over time. Images captured by associate photographers will be exclusive property of Raegan Lintner Photography and will be edited by Raegan Lintner Photography. Associate photographers may not use images for their own portfolio.  We would pay you a flat rate based on the package each couple booked. This is a part time job but there are several opportunities for growth.

This job is for you if you..

  1. Live in indiana

  2. Love to take photos, but you don't want to run the "business side" of things

  3. Have experience with taking engagement and wedding photos

  4. Are creative and social

  5. Are comfortable shooting with someone else

  6. Can give direction and guide clients + guests confidently

  7. Have your own equipment (not a deal breaker though)

  8. Possess leadership skills

  9. Can commit to dates a year in advance

  10. Are receptive to Feedback and excited to grow as a photographer

  11. Can shout “Oh yeah!!” as couples makeout in front of your camera

  12. Enjoy eating tacos and drinking coffee

NOTE:  All associate photographers will photograph weddings  under the RLP brand, and be required to sign a non-disclosure  agreement.


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