Our Values


SERVANTHOOD. We exist to serve our clients first and foremost. It is an honor to share in their big moments and we demonstrate that by serving. We are not only showing up as your photographer, but as your friend, eager and ready to help. HEART. We pour ourselves into our work so that it’s always evolving. It’s full of life and joy, and that only comes from passion and heart for what you do. AUTHENTICITY. We are true to who we are and what we believe. Our foundation is rooted in a God who can not be shaken. Our work is real, and encourages genuine emotion and feeling. We love the real! HUMILITY. This job is an honor and we approach each day with thankfulness. It’s a privilege to share in these milestones with clients, and we know there will always be more to learn. We do not know it all. INTENTIONALITY. We prioritize our clients and treat them as individuals, always hearing them out and seeking to know their needs. We strive to make each couple feel valued and supported. CELEBRATION. These are big freaking moments!!! We commit to being proud cheerleaders for our clients, always showering them with encouragement and truth.