Meet Abigail

Indiana Wedding Photographer

Hey, I’m Abigail. I’m the new associate photographer here at Clay House! I currently live in Indianapolis, and love doing life with my amazing husband Johan. Marriage has been such a joy for us as we learn to blend cultures and create our own little family. I’m an artist at heart, and love doing anything creative.. hence why I’m a photographer. Nature is my jam, which is why I love distance running and anything that gets me outside. I make my second home in India, but really just love to travel. You could probably convince me to go almost anywhere! I enjoy thrift shopping, reading, good music, Jesus and coffee. When I’m not spending time with my man or hanging out with couples on their wedding day, I devote the the other big chunk of my time to school! My undergrad is in graphic design, but I’m currently a law student at IUPUI, hoping to eventually pursue a career fighting social injustice in India.

I love getting to capture people through my camera. As an artist, I understand the privilege of getting to document someone’s story, but cherish the opportunity to do it in a beautiful and unique way. To me, nothing is sweeter than having photos to look back on to help you remember each and every part of your story. No two couples are the same, and I strive to capture your authentic selves through my work. With the chaos of wedding planning & wedding day, I believe your time behind the camera should be a blast! I have so much fun with my couples and grateful that I walk away most times feeling like I gained new friends.

I recently walked through the season of engagement, and have since gained a much deeper appreciation of couples going through the wedding planning process. I believe in the power of marriage, and the deep challenge & joy that it brings. Marriage is an opportunity to love someone without condition and without reservation, and that is a deeply beautiful but growing thing. I seek to capture the essence of who you are as a couple, and reflect your love for each other in my photography so that in both the challenging and joyous moments of becoming one, you can look back and remember where you started.

I will never stop being in wonder at how love weaves its way through the lives of so many. I hope to draw others towards love and reflect them back to Jesus. You’re stepping into a wild + new season, and I am so pumped for you.

Exodus 14:14

Check out some of my favorite shots below.