Meet Raegan


Hi! My name is Raegan, the owner and lead photographer of Clay House Photography. I’m an Indiana girl, currently residing in Indianapolis, IN. and I just married my sweet boy in June! I love traveling, thrift store shopping, and rainy days. I’m almost always craving pizza and am constantly looking up what band is coming to town next. I’m a big fan of small town coffee shops, Jesus, and wearing stripes.

I am madly in love with my smoking hot husband Trevor, and I dream of moving away to Ireland with him one day. Creating this business has been an incredible process: full of joy, failures, fear, Jesus, and the support + encouragement of so many. I am captivated by the stories that make up relationships. Every single person has a story and it’s an honor to be invited into that. I’m always asked if shooting weddings gets old and routine, but the answer is honestly no . There are no two relationships that are the exact same, so no two weddings are either.

I believe that the union between a man and a woman is wild + powerful. It is a true gift to be fully known and fully loved, and that is what I’m looking to capture through my images. I want to help you savor special moments through my work. Moments that can spark joy + love + thankfulness many years down the road. I want you to not only love the product but also the experience. I want to make you feel beautiful... because we all are!

I will never take this little job for granted because it is a true honor to be a part of a couple’s wedding day. This job is constantly growing me and pushing me to think + dream in bigger ways that point people back to Jesus.

You are embarking on a crazy new adventure, and I am beyond excited for you.

Check out some of my favorite shot below.