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SERVANTHOOD. We exist to serve our clients first and foremost. It is an honor to share in their big moments and we demonstrate that by serving. We are not only showing up as your photographer, but as your friend, eager and ready to help. HEART. We pour ourselves into our work so that it’s always evolving. It’s full of life and joy, and that only comes from passion and heart for what you do. AUTHENTICITY. We are true to who we are and what we believe. Our foundation is rooted in a God who can not be shaken. Our work is real, and encourages genuine emotion and feeling. We love the real! HUMILITY. This job is an honor and we approach each day with thankfulness. It’s a privilege to share in these milestones with clients, and we know there will always be more to learn. We do not know it all. INTENTIONALITY. We prioritize our clients and treat them as individuals, always hearing them out and seeking to know their needs. We strive to make each couple feel valued and supported. CELEBRATION. These are big freaking moments!!! We commit to being proud cheerleaders for our clients, always showering them with encouragement and truth.

Clay House Photography

About Us


We will decorate your getaway car and pick out your dad’s tie. We will call your late florist and tell them to get their butts to the venue. We will carry your dress everywhere and even button it when no one else has tiny enough hands. We will get rid of your crazy aunt and her obnoxious flash camera during the ceremony. We will remind your groom which way he’s supposed to turn his face for the first kiss. We will find your lost wedding band and give you our snow boots when you want to run through the winter wonderland but forgot your shoes. And we will never EVER get tired of Usher’s YEAH being the soundtrack of the night. We can promise you these things because we have done them all, multiple times. “Wedding Photographer” is a loose title we like it that way. We’re here because we care and believe that you deserve a day that makes you not only feel beautiful but celebrated!


 Meet the Team

Raegan Waite

Raegan Waite

Founder, Owner, Wedding Photographer

Not a morning person, big fan of sunshine + Beyonce, loves taco night, and dreams of moving away to Ireland
Trevor Waite

Trevor Waite

VP, Accountant, Second shooter, Content Creator

Crazy about spreadsheets, keeps Raegan sane, has played every board game at least 10 times, loves anything that’s cheesy

Abigail Chikkala

Abigail Chikkala

Wedding Photographer, Lead Designer

Loves traveling, obsessed with authentic Indian food, kind of a photoshop nerd, and currently trying to have a capsule wardrobe
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We fell in love with the idea of Clay and what it represents, but also couldn’t shake the idea how symbolic a house was. A home is where the ordinary, yet beautiful parts of life happen… where you and your new husband first burn a pizza together, where a child takes their first steps, where you retreat back to every single day knowing that rest and safety are found inside, and where love dwells. It’s a symbol of a fresh start for a newlywed couple as well as a mark of a strong foundation no matter what’s happening outside of it. Home means something different to us all, but is essential nonetheless. Similar to a healthy relationship being built on love, a good house is built on a firm foundation. And we want to help grow and build that firm foundation. From the moment you get engaged, a whole new season of life begins. We want to come alongside of you through the ups + downs to help you create that firm foundation. We don’t see you as clients, but as friends.

The meaning behind the name…

Jeremiah 18:3-6 says, “I went down to the potter’s house and saw him working with clay at the wheel. He was making a pot from clay. But there was something wrong with the pot. So the potter used that clay to make another pot. With his hands he shaped the pot the way he wanted it to be. Then this message from the Lord came to me: ‘Family of Israel, you know that I can do the same thing with you. You are like the clay in the potter’s hands, and I am the potter.”

The Lord is the potter and we are his clay. He alone makes us new. Here at Clay House we believe that we are constantly being shaped and refined by our good God. We make a great effort to constantly lean into this truth rather than resist it. As people, we never want to stop growing and developing better hearts, minds, and ideas. As photographers, we never want to settle with our craft, and we try to lean into people, places, and resources that will continue to shape us. We also find rest in knowing that HE is always bigger than us. Isaiah 64 reminds us that “we are all the work of his hand”. Everything and anything we do right is because of how the good Lord has blessed us. We know it is not our own doing, but his. Our hope is that Clay House uses its platform to glorify God and points others back to the great Creator of all.

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